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Updated: Oct 24, 2023

October 24, 2023 brings the culmination of several years of work together by an assortment of talented folks. My wife Stephanie, an exceptional editor and supporter, as well as the multi-talented team of professionals at Koehler Books, brought this story to life. Koehler decided to back this project last December, just a few days after submission.

All along the way, one primary goal has always been to educate the public on the extraordinary human-animal bond between a military working dog and its handler. In order to make that connection, one must understand the enormous sacrifices made by our troops. Using historical fiction to bring the inner thoughts of the handler and his canine protector to life allowed me to present research on a personal level some handlers may be reticent to reveal.

This past week our book won two Firebird Book awards, one for Animals, another for War - Fiction. Several weeks earlier we earned a Pinnacle Book Achievement award, also from advance review copies submitted months ago.

Like any author, my hope is that people will come away with a far deeper appreciation for the subject matter. In this case, that would include greater respect for all our Vietnam veterans who served--on two legs or four.

(See our Appearances page for events in the coming weeks)

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