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Follow His Lead (Oct 24, 2023)  

Debut Novel by Richard LaMotte

In late 1969, Chuck rushes home from college when his father falls

ill and passes away. Bitterness over his loss is compounded by frustration since he can't afford to return to school. Chuck rashly enlists in the Army and decides to train as a scout dog handler. On duty in Vietnam, Chuck's deep resentment is erased by time spent with his happy-go-lucky roommate, Jonesy, and his devoted dog, Zeke. 

After going out of his way to avoid the base chaplain, Chuck learns they have a mutual hero back home. As he faces life and death situations almost daily, Chuck finds healing in this unexpected friendship.

Just before leaving for home, Chuck hears that all US scout dogs will be euthanized or given to the vanquished South Vietnamese Army when the US initiates its withdrawal. He has only days to find some way to protect Zeke's future, and Chuck knows he can't do it alone. 

FollowHisLead cover.jpg

Pure Sea Glass 

Discovering Nature's Vanishing Gems

The master reference used by beachcombers who want to learn the history and science behind their sea glass. This award-winning book is filled with information to help collectors understand how simple shards can become unique treasures. Loaded with research and glorious photographs, this 224-page tome has been enjoyed by readers of all ages as they learn the secrets hidden in their own collections.

Over 100,000 copies in print. 

PURE Book Cover.jpg

"Basically, you get over 200 pages of amiable instruction in the company of a knowledgeable and engaging expert in the field. You come out the other end informed, encouraged, and raring to find that one-in-a-million red piece that will be the center of your collection. Certainly, no other book balances enthusiasm, information, encouragement, insight and freshness."

-Pop Bop

The Lure of Sea Glass 

Our Connection to Nature's Gems

This elegant sequel reveals many extraordinary stories of healing shared by readers of the

award-winning Pure Sea Glass. Treasured collections from around North America are featured along with additional clues to identify unique pieces, inspiring readers to continue their quest for coastal treasures.  (204 pages)

LURE of Sea Glass Cover.jpg

"Richard LaMotte hits it out of the ballpark again!! His first book, Pure Sea Glass, is the "bible" of the hobby, and this book is just as good. Part of the book is composed of stories about healing when walking the beach. The pictures are beautiful, and it is a book to linger over. Not just a coffee table book--this is a book to read and cherish."

-CM Beach Girl

Pure Sea Glass Identification Deck

The Collector's Quick Reference

The portable guide to identify the age, origin, and value of the sea glass in your collection. The deck includes 35 sturdy cards organized by color and type of glass, packed with facts and tips with more than 150 new images. Also includes bonus fold-out cards for dating the history of your glass.

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