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Songs to Enjoy After Each Chapter

The songs below were carefully selected by the author based on the content    within each chapter and to provide the reader specific insight and closure.   

Chapter 1 - The Bell

Don't Give Up by Josh Groban

Chapter 2 - Arrival Day, March 1970

Brighter Days by Blessing Offor

Chapter 3 - Letting Go

Even at my Worst by Blanca

Chapter 4 - The Hooch

Wake Me Up by Avicii

Chapter 5 - To the Kennel

I'll Stand by You by The Pretenders

Chapter 6 - The Graveyard

I Will Carry You by Ellie Holcomb

Chapter 7 - The Wedding Ring

You Don't Know by Katelyn Tarver

Chapter 8 - North to Pleiku

Truth I'm Standing On by Leanna Crawford

Chapter 9 - The Hat

You Say by Lauren Daigle

Chapter 10 - Chachinga Bodinga

Fields of Gold by Sting

Chapter 11 - Dark Clouds

Both Sides Now by Jackie Evancho

Chapter 12 - Care Package

How Far by Tasha Layton

Chapter 13 - The Two Sisters

Grace will Lead me Home by David Dunn

Chapter 14 - Without Light

Hold on to Me by Lauren Daigle

Chapter 15 - Shaken

Be Thou my Vision by Audrey Assad

Chapter 16 - The Rainmakers

Fragile by Sting

Chapter 17 - The Letter

Fix You by Cold Play

Chapter 18 - OJT for Jonesy

You've Got a Friend by James Taylor

Chapter 19 - Over the Shoulder

Carry You by Ruelle featuring Fluerie

Chapter 20 - Wild Geese

Fighting for Me by Riley Clemmons (piano)

Chapter 21 - Cristallo

Remember by Lauren Daigle

Chapter 22 - October

Coming Home by Skylar Grey

Chapter 23 - Fly Away

It's Gonna be OK by Tasha Layton

Chapter 24 - Exhale

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ

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