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Koehler Books accepts Follow His Lead

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

After several years of extensive research, I am excited to be introducing my debut novel. Like many writers, the pandemic became a time for introspective inspirations. While quarantined with a talented English major, what better time to venture from comfortable skills in non-fiction to expose my creative imagination in storytelling? Experiences through life always play a vital role in a fiction writer's content. Those were the times when words flowed into the keyboard with ease. In my odd case, many of the stories in this novel developed like visions that initially started while on long flights, 10,000 feet high.

I first learned about scout dogs while reading my cousin's book Walk Where the Dog Walks by Toni LaMotte Gardner. But my mind kept wandering to "what if" scenarios, and I found myself wanting to focus on the life of one handler whose life is in need of repair. Many of us are oblivious to the gifts that surround us. Sometimes it takes a dog and a close friend to repair a broken heart.

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